About Us

Hot-N-Poppin™ Chicago Style Gourmet Popcorn

is a family owned business established in 2005 in Upstate New York. We started with 4 flavors and quickly expanded our offerings in a short period. The “Windy City Mix™,” a combination of cheese & caramel popcorn, is the most popular & best seller.

Our popcorn contains the finest all-natural ingredients to deliver the very best light, crunchy, flavorful goodness in every kernel. The popcorn is popped fresh daily, one batch at a time, so our corn is always at its peak for optimal flavor. Every batch is as delicious as the last.

Our goal is to give our customers, a delicious natural ingredient based product that they will love and enjoy over and over again to keep them coming back for more. Our belief is that every occasion is a Hot-N-Poppin™ occasion.

We use:

  • pure hybrid mushroom popcorn for larger kernels.
  • dry-pop popcorn, there is no oil used.
  • real Butter, Brown Sugar, 100% real Cheddar Cheese and other natural ingredients.

None of our products are made with ingredients that contain gluten.

Using natural ingredients is only part of our success that makes our popcorn the BEST popcorn on the planet. The other part is you, our loyal customers!

For lasting freshness, we recommend keeping the popcorn refrigerated.